Monday, August 1

a php500 trip to kota kinabalu

promo, promo, promo! dont' we just love promos? of course we do! especially airline promos... thank god for them, ordinary folks can now fly. domestic and international, your choice. so hear this, once upon a time, i got to bag a php500 roundtrip tix all-in to kota kinabalu. awesome deal thru airasia. weeeee...

never heard of kota kinabalu until i came across the promo page. airasia has no other flight out of the country, just kota kinabalu and kuala lumpur. i was left with no choice, been to kl.

Wednesday, May 11

davao weekend

a davao welcome @ jack's ridge

my sister and i went to davao, december last year. while the sister's on a business trip... thought it would be nice to tag along. i have never been to the largest city of the country and where apparently i have relatives from both sides. thank you to promo fares i feel like i was just road tripping within the province.

Sunday, April 24

"iloilo baby you called i can't hear a thing..."

what else is there to write about our iloilo trip? (which by the way happened november last year) ive had that question since leadcharacter's posts in he had it all in there...the highlights, in four parts! four friggin' parts!!! and so the delay. until a thought came upon me today. why not go lady gaga over iloilo?! i don't have to write about it, do i?

before you view the clip, i just want to say that the highlight of the iloilo trip was supposed to be the blogging event. it was a whole day event at sm iloilo where bloggers from all over the country attended. there are a few clips on the video from the event but most of what you can see are the sidetrips - the unexpected yet most anticipated happenings... weeeee...

*thanks to leadcharacter for most of the photos in the clip.