Wednesday, April 29

alegria cebu

a couple of weeks ago, i celebrated my birthday quite differently. toni and i drove 3 hours south of cebu. alegria, one of the 40 some municipalities of the province, was the destination. we never got to wander around the place much since we arrived late in the afternoon and were too tired to even unload our bags.

the place where we stayed at in alegria, costa de leticia, is perfect for those who want to relax and destress. we were lucky to still have a room when we arrived. to top that, we got the room at half the regular price. i love it there. peaceful and private. we have wi-fi in the room. restroom is clean. although cable tv only has 4 channels and the bed isn't very soft, it was worth the amount we paid.

facilities include, jacuzzi, aquatic massager and infinity pool that's only 5ft deep (yahoo!). we had to pay for breakfast because the promo didn't come with it, but it's ok because food was great. what's best is we were very well accomodated. tita letty and sir donayre were very amiable and friendly. and during the first visit of our friends there during the holy week, booze was apparently on the owners. i know that won't happen very often, but take that for a treat.

it was a fun overnight experience in alegria. i just feel sorry we didn't get to experience the waterfalls and the other spots to visit. it's ok though, there's always a next time.

off to our next destination. apo island.


Kym said...

hey, just came across your blog... i love that you're a gokey fan too! hehe... :)

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hey thanks for dropping a comment. :-). i saw your site and love it that you like mangoes too. my favorite!