Tuesday, June 23

excited for singapore and malaysia

hostels are booked. plane tickets printed. discount coupons prepared. bags packed.

i am counting the days to my next international stop. barely a week, and i should be in uniquely singapore. 4 days following that, im off to malaysia, truly asia. i can't contain my excitement, i have to blog about it!

this my second international flight and should be the longest to date. the first was in hongkong, which took almost two hours. now, ill be flying for at least 4 hours. i don't know what to do during that whole duration. i hope i could get some sleep. but i doubt it, my eyes just won't close during flights.

as usual, we prepared our itinerary for this trip. although this time, we weren't too worried coz we know people there who can show us around. well...in singapore that is. in malaysia, we will be all by ourselves once again (toni and me). that's when real excitement come in to play, finding our way to destinations, opening maps and reading signs. i am ready to backpack one more time.

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