Sunday, July 26

june 2009 nursing board exam results

nong pake view daw internet nyo. murag naay rojonan didto sa nursing nga naka pasa.

this was how my uncle toto's message read a few minutes ago. my cousin, his eldest daughter, passed the june 2009 nursing board exam.

i can imagine my uncle smiling and beaming with pride. even my dad is proud. who won't be? nurses earn so much when they work abroad. passing the nursing board is a step closer to the ultimate dream.

im happy for my cousin, hanilet. im happier for my uncle. he's hard work is now paying off.

here are the results.
congratulations to all the nursing board passers!!!


Ramon said...

Hello, Elizabeth Barrette Sent me.

Clearly, congrats are in order. The board is tough!

Elizabeth Barrette said...

Congratulations! That's good news.