Monday, July 13

nbi clearance renewal

the nbi clearance is an important document required when applying for work, getting a visa and for other purposes where you have to clear yourself of any criminal record.

i needed to renew my nbi clearance early today for my visa application. i was delighted to know that there's a kiosk near my place where i can get it renewed in a few minutes. unfortunately, the few minutes i was expecting turned out to be close to an hour. so here's what i had to go through, step by step, based on my experience in the robinsons place cebu kiosk.

1. line up for payment. while in the line, an nbi personnel will put barcode stickers on your old nbi clearance copies. before they do that, you have to show them a valid id. you will be asked to write your id card details on your old nbi copy before they'll finally put a mark on it. (i really didn't get this part of the process. as far as i can remember, no one checked on these when i got to the counter.)

2. prepare php115 for the usual paper copy and another php120 for the new nbi clearance renewal card. (i didn't have enough money, so i just paid for the paper)

3. transfer to another line for the actual processing of your nbi clearance. picture will be taken and you'll never be notified whether they're taking your photo already. (if you don't want to look like a criminal on your clearance, i suggest you smile by the time you stand/sit in the area until you leave)

4. your new nbi clearance copy is now printing. be ready to submit your right hand to the nbi personnel for him to put your thumbarks on the new copy.

5. pay another php5, (i think this is for the wet tissue handed to wipe your inked right thumb) and off you go.

it would seem like a very short process. yeah, for early birds. so here's a tip, go to the robinson kiosk as early as 7:00AM (the kiosk opens when the mall opens at around 10:00AM) or you could catch the second batch by lining up at around 11:00AM (second batch processing starts at 2:00PM)

hope you were able to find this guide for nbi clearance renewal helpful.


Tata said...

just need clarification..can they still cater beyond 2pm after the 2nd batch? i hear the kiosk is open up until 6pm..

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hi thanks for dropping by.

the kiosk is open until 6pm or until all of those who lined up for the second batch are covered.

you should be in line already before they open for the second batch. most of your time will be spent in lining up and not for the actual process.

hope that helps.

Anonymous said...

I hope you will cater saturdays for renewal since NBI at the Robinsons will open at 10am(mall hours). It was convenient for those who are already in training especially weekend is the only free time. But if the schedule at the RObinson will be at 8am it is very helpfull for those who are required to renew their NBI and was given a deadline for only a week within the training period.
I hope you are open for that. Thank you.

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hi, thanks for leaving a comment.
as much as i'd like to help, i am not connected in anyway with nbi or any government agency for that matter. i was merely sharing my experience in processing an nbi clearance.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Deza here from Bacolod City. I just wanna ask "can get the nbi clearance within the day?". I applied here in bacolod last July 18th and on my receipt it will be released Aug 09. I told my fiance about it so we can schedule my flight to Manila for my medical exam and interview, so everything is set. When i went back there at the NBI Office, i was so disappointed, frustrated and dont know what to do because they said "it's not here yet, just wait another week".
Aug 14th will be my flight, if i will re apply in Cebu, could i get it within the day? Or is there any way i can get it within the day? Please help me. Thank you

Anonymous said...

Is NBI in robinsons otis is still open every saturdays? thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

Is the time frame still the same for 2012? :)