Thursday, September 3

australian hostel experience

hostels are not really big in the philippines that's why i haven't really heard of such until this year, when toni and i made our itinerary for hongkong. if you're on a budget, a hostel is the best option for accommodation. this is also where backpackers flock, which means more friends to meet.

chili blue backpackers was where we stayed in sydney. for three days of accommodation, i only paid $aus33, which is about 1300 pesos only. this is already inclusive of free breakfast and free internet access. they also have free hotdogs once a week for movie night. of course, you're free to meet as much friends as you can. there's lisa (american), who had difficulty saying jungkay's name and henry (indonesian, whom we thought was filipino), who was so welcoming during our stay in the hostel.

in melbourne, i booked melbourne connection and paid only $aus51 (2000 pesos) good for three days. though more expensive than the sydney one, this hostel never had free breakfast and free internet access. it had prime location though, as it was within the central business district, accessible through the free tourist shuttle and the free city circle tram. we never had to spend on transportation within the city! making friends was still free in this hostel. we met martha (italian) whom we knew was our roomie only on our last day. she planned to go to myanmar on her next trip.

we had to stay at another hostel in melbourne because we missed out one day in our reservation with connection. right across was king st. backpackers. this was by far the most expensive but also the cleanest hostel i've stayed in. a day was for $aus24 (960 pesos) which comes with free internet and free breakfast. also we had free pasta that day we checked in and free pizza every fridays.

but of course, it's not all that good. because of the price, you have to sacrifice several other good stuff, which is part of the hostel experience.


Yona said...

Mareng!! Welcome back to our third world country! :)

By the way, scary mna jud for me ang hostel nga name uy. I blame it on the movie!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

mareng! i am back.

why man di ay? i can't remember any movie with a horrible hostel story.

Dhon said...

NOh?! sa imo mga story.. super lingaw!!!! :)
Nakakita ka ug Kangaroo???!! :)

Welcome back Debs!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

i haven't seen one in australia. but i saw a kangaroo na sa singapore zoo. what i wanted to see was the koala. we didn't get to. :-(

benjie said...

now i know about hostels. thanks for this post. it's informative :)

JAbbeRedONiON said...

no worries.