Saturday, September 12

breakfast at jacobo's

my brother, deney, treated us to breakfast at jacobo's. it's his 26th birthday today.

the restaurant is located at the back of tara's cafe in skyrise 3.
i have heard of people talking about this place and a first time visit deserves a review.

for a php100 per person buffet meal, here's what you can have:

one round of iced tea
unlimited servings of rice
scrambled egg
ham (looked tasty but could've been tastier when eaten)
chorizzo with a spicy bite
eggplant omelette
tuna (too dry for my taste buds)
non-purefoods hotdog
corned beef
toasted bread

on some days, they serve pancakes and tocino.

you can't really expect much from a php100 eat all you can meal. over-all it was just ok for me, that's 5 out of 10. but i probably will go back to grab another breakfast when i need to connect to the internet early in the morning. it seemed like there is wifi within the vicinity. that should be their selling point. which means they will have to install several electric sockets coz i didn't see one near any of the tables.

though the meal wasn't really inviting, what counts is we got together for my bros birthday.


Anonymous said...

can i have ur telephone number jacobos bistro n the IT park

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hi thanks for dropping a comment. im not sure what you're asking for though. is it my number or jacobo's number?