Wednesday, September 30

help me earn $10,000

after i resigned from my regular job, ive been busy looking for ways to earn money online. this is so i can have the freedom to do what i want, whenever i want to. ive optimized my blog sites, ive searched for jobs over at and started joining paid to click and paid to read sites. this last one, i am working on more frequently the past few days. and i am about to cashout $10,000 with your help.

just like you, i am a skeptic. i find it unbelievable for somebody to make money out of just clicking and reading emails. but unlike most of you, i found the time to do it and simply tried it out for kicks. what would somebody like me who has all the free time to click and read and is mostly online got to lose? a promise earnings of as much as $10,000 may sound ridiculously big but again, what do i lose? however, if it's true, wow!

since sept 14, ive been doing this online gig. every site has a specific cashout target. as a free member you will only be paid out if you reach that cashout amount. now, it's time to see if this thing really works. my promail account earning is about to reach the target. i am $700 close to taking home $10,000 and i can't wait.

sept 28, i had $8,100 in there. as of the last minute, i already have $9,300.

help me by signing up as a free member under my name by clicking on the banners on this post. every sign up is additional $25 to my account. just sign up and you don't have to do all the clicking. i just need the referral bonus so i hit the target the soonest.

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