Wednesday, September 9

pinoy in australia

wherever you are in the world, "ang pinoy, pinoy". i mean this in the most positive way.

the friendly pinoy, emie cox, whom we met while waiting for our train at the southern cross station in melbourne. when she heard us talking she immediately figured out we were filipinos and chatted with us until we disembarked.

the performer pinoy, aaron, whom we jammed with outside the melbourne hostel where we were staying. we were singing pinoy rock songs so loud and not caring if we were still in tune or not. he strummed the guitar clumsily as if it wasn't borrowed from the hostel's keeper.

the proud pinoy, junjun, who was so happy to meet his "kababayans" and introduced us to his security peers as his "people". he even offered to let us in for free in the pub where he's working in melbourne.

and of course, there's vicente, ian, rob, malen, dezza, chris, mark and xtin, all of whom were most welcoming and hospitable.

vicente and ian, adopted us in their apartment and kept us company almost everywhere in brisbane and goldcoast whenever they have time.

malen, who picked us up from the brisbane airport and became our designated driver in almost all of our tours.

rob, with wife laura, who gave us a treat to the most sumptuous chinese dinner ever in melbourne.

dezza and chris, who opened their brisbane home to us for a supposed fun night which we had to eventually decline because of the effing train schedule.

mark, who entertained us with his stories in australia and drove us back to our hostel in sydney.

xtin, who remains to be a dear friend even if she had to make us follow her tracks all over sydney. in fairness to her she made it up on our last night and made sure it will be memorable.

nothing can beat being a pinoy in australia.


Dezza said...

Hi Debs! Wa jud na problema! In AUs.. NO WARRIES!! hehehe.. You're welcome sd diay. It's good you guys had a great time. Balik2 nya mo ha :)

JAbbeRedONiON said...

kung naa pa miy kuko nga makitkit dezz! heheheh.

Lead Character: said...

hahaha. naay juy nega kang xtin; follow her tracks jud.

i love this post. mura ko'g kahilakon. i realize wherever you may be in the world, kung naa lang juy kababayan, you can make it!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hahaha. kibaw man siya nga gisapot jd mi niya ato. heheheh.

yes rye. grabeh sa kamingaw siguro mao mura kag ma super friendly.

and daghan jd mo ni comment nga kahilakon sa post.

zelmarq said...

ka nice diay oi, maka hear ug bisaya na comment.

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hi there...
thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment on my blog. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! Just happened to come across this blog. It's flattering to be included on this blog.
Hope to catch up with you again.
Best regards and wishes.
Your kababayan,
Emie Cox

JAbbeRedONiON said...

hi emie! happy you found out about this blog. :-) do you remember that encounter?

Anonymous said...

Yes,I remembered 'that encounter'.
I was working with NAB (National Australia Bank ) at that time.
I've moved to another bank....
Thanks again for the blog.
Until next catch up,
Emie :)