Sunday, October 4

aboitizland tour

yesterday, i got to experience the opportunity of touring the different aboitizland projects here in cebu. thanks to the marketing group of aboitizland, the cebu bloggers society had another fun filled learning experience. let me show you around.

molave highlands was our first stop in the tour. it's a 12 ha. community situated in a hilly area in consolacion. from the highway, you have to travel a 1.3 km curved, slopping road, which will not be a problem if you have your own car.  it's a good place for retirees to enjoy the scenery and be one with nature.
fun fact: the roads are named after birds as it is common to spot endemic birds in the area.

mahogany grove is a small village of about 4 ha. in talamban. because of its size, the community is close knit and enjoy doing activities together. the price and it's prime location are two reasons why mahogany grove is close to 100% sold out especially to start-up families and young professionals.
fun fact: the only aboitizland village that adopted its own patron saint (st. francis of assisi), whose feast they celebrate every october.

north town homes is the first aboitizland residential project located in mandaue. this 13 ha development was completed 15 years ago. many of the well-to-do families in cebu have their mansions built here. to give you an idea, the land area cuts range from 300 to 2000 sq m.
fun fact: the community is big on halloween festivities. they hang gory decorations and have trick or treat as a yearly event.

pristina north is a huge residential development catering to the high end market. it's a 32 ha. community with connections and wirings all buried has a grand clubhouse with a coffee shop area, celebration house, splash and lap pools.
fun fact:  security is very tight. even if we went there with aboitizland employees, it took us almost 30 minutes before the guards finally let us in.

kishanta is a zen inspired neighborhood on the hills of Talisay. the dramatic slopes are intended to keep the the refreshing views of the city, the coast and the mountains. if you're too lazy to come up with your own house design and still want to experience zen living, kishanta zen residences is an option.
fun fact: stargazing is recommended on a clear night at the kishanta viewing deck.

the persimmon in mabolo was the last stop of the day. construction of the west tower is still on going, while the north tower has just been launched. each of the other two towers will be launched a year after the last launch. if condo living is your thing, their model units are available for viewing ranging from 1.3 to 5 million depending on the size.
fun fact: kahayag cafe is back with a vengeance. persimmon plus, the commercial area will be it's new old home.

aside from the residential developments above, the tour also included visits to the following, aboitiz sports field in the reclamation area, imez and pueblo verde in lapu-lapu near mepz2.
for more information on aboitizland and its properties, please go here.


Chloe Lopez said...

Wow, how fast! Thanks for being with us during the tour, Debbie! :) nalingaw gyud kaayo mi ninyo hehe.

- chloe/iwi

Beejing said...

I love the fun facts, very unique!

I am posting my entry within this week. Hehee! I hope you enjoyed our company, ing-ato jud mi kasaba, hehehe. Bisan wala ko'y tugpa kiat lang gihapon ang show.

eye_spy said...

im sad. i wasnt invited. lol.

JAbbeRedONiON said...

@Chloe: i have to make it fast or else, more entries will be pending. same here iw! we enjoyed your company too. ;-) saw your multiply, you have a twin!

@Beejing: i got the fun fact idea from the brochures they gave us. after you're done with yours help me with the seo. heheheh

@eye_spy: you from cebu? you can join cebubloggers society if you want. or are you a member already?

McCoolot said...

Ohhh.. fun facts! weeeeeee.. hahaha.. nice2x te debz! \m/

JAbbeRedONiON said...

Thanks Jorich! Saw your blog, very comprehensive.

Beejing said...

Dili man ko kabalo magSEO Haha?! bitaw oi... lets sit down on it. Cheers!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

Ambot lang. We always discuss about SEO topics yet I still couldn't master it. Grrrrrr....