Wednesday, October 7

pba bloggers' choice award

i already mentioned about the philippine blog awards (pba) on my post several days ago. read it here. now that the event is drawing near, i have to make my choice for the bloggers' choice award. it's not a difficult to choice for me.i am voting for a blog that is relevant. i am voting for a blog that has influence. i am voting for a blog that promotes cebu, a blog that i am a part of. i am voting for the blog of our society, the cebu bloggers society.

this blog, "has maintained a new level of reputation both online and offline.this blog recounts facts through bias-free citizen journalists - no other than the cebu bloggers society members." 

the cebu bloggers society was founded on the 14th of february 2008. a yahoo group was initially created as a platform for cebu bloggers to converge. it took only a few months for the group  to grow until it decided to come up with a website. the site was finally launched october 22, 2008 along with the group's new form of communication, the forum.

the blog features several events in cebu covered by the members themselves. it ranges from concerts to food tours to political interviews and events of social relevance.

read on and know more about us and cebu.

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