Monday, October 5

pink october run

to support breast cancer research and treatment, i joined the pink october run last sunday at the cebu business park. this is the second fun run i joined. the first was last november 30, 2008 organized by the cebu archdiocesan major seminary foundation inc. you can read the post here.

it was fun having to run with RuBu (running buddies) again. although, sad to say majority of the members were not able to join. only mark, yona and bella were there who are part of the original team who ran the first RuBu run last year. we were also joined by borj and kate, ex-officemates and three of yona's friends.

this year, i registered for the 3k fun run. i learned my lesson, 5k is too far and tiring a run for me. it started right infront of cafe laguna in ayala, passing the flyover, making a u-turn infront of grand convention and then back. i finished third, amongst those who ran 3k in the RuBu group with a record of 28 minutes. hahaha!

RuBu excluding myself

i had to leave right after free food was distributed because i was too sleepy. i woke up 4am to get to the assembly place right on time only to find out that the run will start at 6am.

this run was organized by the philippine college of surgeons - cebu eastern visayas chapter with the help of rotary club of cebu fuente and cebu gloria maris.


eye_spy said...

sounds fun although i doubt i can reach the finish line still breathing.

gawd! i am so getting old. lol.

JAbbeRedONiON said...

you can. if you join the 1k walk. hehehe