Thursday, February 11

is andrew garcia filipino?

 andrew garcia auditioning for american idol

he looks like he is. he's married to a filipina. he hangs out with filipino youtube sensations like gabe and aj rafael. if only that would make andrew garcia one, but no he is not. awww...i know right! would love him even more if he was. oh well, i'm just gonna think that he is. who is this andrew garcia guy?

andrew garcia's the next american idol! it's still hollywood week but this guy's already making a buzz online. i heard him yesterday and man he just blew me away. he's not all good looking but this guy's got talent. a major one! he did his own cover of paula abdul's straight up and everyone in the room loved it. although comparing andrew garcia to adam lambert wasn't necessary, kara flattered him with praises.

i was almost sure he is filipino. i thought then we would have our first filipino-american idol but nah, my bubble bursted when i saw the audition clip where his parents were interviewed. close but not quite. hispanic, the filipino cousins as my puerto rican boss would put it. at least there's that one pint of racial blood relation there. nuuk!

andrew garcia made his stamp when simon cowell told him "he's the only person who walked through auditions that is genuinely a good singer. a genuinely, genuinely, good, good singer!" simon likes him! andrew garcia's been around in youtube for years now. and it sucks that i haven't chanced his channel ever. i'm a fan of most of his youtube friends like gabe and all. now, his songs and vids online are removed.

i hope he does succeed. the last time i rooted for anyone in idol, danny gokey, almost made it. watch and support him on ai and follow him on youtube >> 


bing said...

it's the wife who's filipino.

his performance is waning. sayang.

JAbbeRedONiON said...

@bing: is that you mommy bing? he set the bar for himself so high with straight up, that's why he seems to be waning in his performances.