Saturday, February 20

a weekend of everything that flies

 photo courtesy of toni aka tamponriot

balloons, skydivers, gliders, kites, name it! 'twas indeed a weekend of everything that flies. we (cash, car, toni and myself) were at the 15th philippine international hot air balloon festival last february 13 at the clark freeport zone in angeles city, pampanga. there was no looking down lest you miss the fun.

left manila at 3:00 am. made several stops on the way. finally reached our destination in time for the hot air balloons' lift off. thought we couldn't make it. we saw the hot air balloons being lit from several meters away. good thing we didn't have to line up for the ticket. we sorta made an illegal entry. hush! ;-)

what a view isn't it? imagine this and the nice cold weather of about 10 degrees celsius. just perfect! that was the first time i saw so many hot air balloons in the sky. about 22 hot air balloons were navigated, participated in both by foreign and local balloonists.  they had it in different shapes and colors. my favorites were the turtle and barn shaped hot air balloons, cute. 

  photo courtesy of toni aka tamponriot 

the kites and gliders were also lovely. a sight to see. the kites were given away for free so imagine how many kites were there. they make fantastic backdrops. nuuk! what i have below was taken early in the morning so not a lot of kites were up yet.

photo courtesy of toni aka tamponriot

had lotsa fun. it was yet another one of a kind ngipirt for me. double the fun especially that it was also car's birthday. we still have to give you your gift car. actually, we still have to buy you your gift. i'm sure you had that figured out. nuuk!

for those who missed it this year, there's another one next year and the year after next. :-) so we'll see yah in one of those weekends of everything that flies. 


tamponriot said...

lavet! thanks for sharing jabberedonion!!!

Empress said... juy in ana diri cebu...hehehe...

JAbbeRedONiON said...

you're welcome tamponriot! thanks for your pics. :-)

JAbbeRedONiON said...

it was very nice nes. sakit lang sa liog sige lang ug hangad. hehehe. but yeah, i hope cebu had something like that.