Thursday, April 22

birthday weekend ngipirt

casa verde and its view...

"lupig pang indian wedding", that's how my friend kristine described my 3 day celebration. not grand at all, maybe just too packed for a friend whom she knows isn't a fan of least her own birthday party. but no we didn't party, just like last year in alegria cebu, this year was another ngipirt.

birthday ngipirt day one >> drinking spree with my peoplesupport  jpmc friends (sheryl, jona, jenny, clarence, mae, negz). they're the sweetest...showered me with surprises. surprise number 1 - fattening but uberly delish la marea chocolate cake! had to make a wish and blow that candle. surprise number 2 - a shocking news that i can't quite get over with until now. and my mouth is zipped. *winks* too bad the other jpmc folks didn't make it. beejing, dhon, bjorn, mareng nina, you missed the fun.

miga and i had a pre-get-together too - chika moments, back to back with the "abat"...just for kicks. followed by a dinner at home with the family (minus our youngest sister who is in italy, stuffing her mouth with pizza and pasta). 

birthday ngipirt day two >>  nature tripping with highschool friends (ryan, punky, cesleen, braille and co-birthday celebrant, vanessa). the funniest and most packed. the plan was to spend the whole afternoon with them and drive back to the city late night to attend the paradiso 2010 event. never did. boohoo! nature didn't cooperate. it was raining and fogging with zero visibility. no way will i drive down from the bundoks  of busay in that condition.

at around 5:00 pm fog started to form

no regrets! i know that paradiso 2010 was the event to be in but the company of these friends are always a laugh trip. hangout at the doce pares park where the cebu zipline is, drove kilometers up the mountains, hangout while waiting for the damn car to cool down, drove again until the fog finally settled in.

snapshots from the afternoon drive

the verde, one of gabby leyson's estate. peace and quiet, cool breeze, fresh air - the perks of nature. haaay...what a way to celebrate, just the retreat i needed. 

birthday ngipirt day three >> chill, chill with the yoviwan and friends at jungkay's new mansion. food, beer, life updates, ghost stories and more.... this wouldn't have happened if not for ady's constant prodding. thank you and we finally got together after a long time. karaoke and toni were missing but i survived the night! 

looking forward to the 29th...



Dhon said...

kasayang!!!! unsa man chi oi!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

secreet!!! you haven't been hanging out lately dhonie. two more days and im going back to manila. :-P