Sunday, August 15

aspen heights cebu: lot shopping

it's all green in aspen heights cebu

weee... i am back in my hometown! and the very first ngipirt? lot shopping! never expected it to be that fun. most people wouldn't enjoy walking under the glaring heat. but if you're walking to search for the best lot you'd build your future house on, in the company of people with the same purpose, it's all different. tita jane, kiki (my sister) and i lot shopped at aspen heights in consolacion, cebu. 

i was still in manila when kiki talked to me about aspen heights pre-selling. apparently, the lots are way way cheaper when in the pre-selling phase. imagine 400k for a 120sqm! normally that lot would cost you at least a million. i got sold to the idea.  

the sibs posing with the 25 hectare property in the background

being the single sibs left out of four, kiki and i thought that getting our parents a lot would be nice. that way, they could spend their retirement years somewhere the breeze is cool and the view is exhilarating. aspen heights could be it.

standing on a prime lot viewing the city
a temporary shade in the midst of aspen heights

good thing tita emma of robinsons land was there to tour us in aspen heights. she was very patient and informative too. did you know that in the master plan of cebu, an sm mall will be built in the consolacion area? that there's a road up in aspen heights that exits to talamban? that whenever a subdivision opens in a what's thought to be a far-flung area, think again, there's a reason and it's in the master plan of cebu.

surveying the area for the best spot
tita emma pointing to an available lot up the hill

if you're planning to get your own lot, check aspen heights now while they're still in the pre-selling phase. it's a good investment. go lot shopping! *thumbs up*

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