Saturday, August 21

checked in at hotel casablanca

checked in at door 26 of hotel casablanca

today, i got a message from a friend asking if i want to check in with them. wait a minute, that didn't sound right. *nuuk* no... it's not what you think. there's no orgy waiting to happen. omg! not with friends i've known since 15 years ago. *nuuk*, not ever! just a ngipirt for this weekend.

third floor, door 29 - that's what i was told. so i climbed the stairs to the third, pushed open door 29  of  hotel casablanca and then pak! took me a few seconds to realize that the couple on the bed weren't familiar faces. hala, it's the wrong room! sorrreeee!!! *nuuk* ryan, it's door 26 not 29!

family room at the hotel casablanca

the room in hotel casablanca. not very spacious but could very well accommodate a group of 4. that's a small bed in the photo, the bigger bed is on the foreground. behind the drapes is a door leading to the balcony (a good place for smokers) from the balcony you can see cabanas (a videoke house) right across the street. 

a view of cabanas from the hotel casablanca balcony

this is my first time to check in a hotel, errr... more like a pension house in cebu. why should i if i've lived in this city my entire life? more so if i live 5 minutes away. my friends have done this several times before, when i was out of town. now i get why the ngipirt. imagine you're in another town, far from home, you'll always have that tourist-y feeling, right? checking in at any pension house like hotel casablanca gives you that. 

to add to that tourist-y feel, the gang also tried the restaurant with that huge intriguing signage right beside hotel casablanca. none of us have tried it ever, and it's been in existence for two years now. we constantly pass by it but never stepped in. today, finally!

the cozy interior

cool caricatures on the wall

the place mat with that same signage

more than a decade old friendship

it's a treat to be a tourist in the capitol area with friends. hotel casablanca is right smack in the heart of the city. there are many restaurants nearby. it's a block away from the bustling nightlife of cebu, mango. which reminds me, we'll still have doce later. *nuuk* that's another ngipirt as the night's not yet over.

for hotel casablanca rates and inquiries, 63-032-255-2868 or 63-032-254-5176 
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