Monday, August 16

cicc mandaue: one expo cebu 2010

going crazy with accessories at one expo cebu 2010

the original ngipirt was to go to busay for zipline. i canceled. without any plan whatsoever, i said let's be spontaneous! my sister hated me for it. *nuuk*  you see... it's more fun when you don't plan. just go wherever the moment brings you. august 11, 2010, spontaneity took me, mom, sister and tita jane to one expo cebu 2010 in cicc mandaue. 

kenneth cobonpue, known furniture designer who hails from cebu

upon entry to the one cebu expo 2010, were kenneth cobonpue's furniture. his designs are world renowned with clients like brad pitt. among the few pieces displayed, i like chiquita. a stool with rattan poles arranged on top of a cushion. i didn't expect for it to be so soft when sat on. i guess that's what amazes me with kenneth cobonpue's designs. they're both comfortable and aesthetically appealing. 

the chiquita stool

aside from furniture displays in the one cebu expo 2010, there were several stalls for accessories and jewelries. one of our favorite was that of mavic's. the workers of a previously privately owned company designs and creates accessories just like the ones below. for inquiries you may call 09156060070

intricately designed and crafted accessories by mavic

mavic's creation made of semi precious stones and pearls

one cebu expo 2010 was situated in all the function rooms of cicc mandaue. a  life size horse made of strips of wood greeted us at the entrance of the second floor function room. the wood craft sold for 160k to a filipino businessman.

see the details up close; looking like it was stripped off its skin

another area in the one cebu expo 2010 was the stalls of the different municipalities. as expected, there was food everywhere. no... there wasn't any free food tasting that happened, i wish! but food tasting? of course! feasted on carcar's chicharon and asturia's bibingka. by the way, i had about 5 pieces of the bibingka. *grins*

mom, kiki and tita jane enjoying asturia's bibingka

around the same area in the one cebu expo 2010 we were introduced to a resort that offers a different kind of atmosphere. terra manna camping & resort allows you to experience nature on the hills and tropical beachside of badian. it got us excited, so we're planning to go for a ngipirt this september.

leaf and flower pot arrangement available at terra manna

one cebu expo happens every year. so if you missed it this year, be sure to attend the next one. im not sure if they'll still have it in cicc, so let's just watch out for it.

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