Monday, August 30

hotel hopping: grand tierra suites & hilton cebu

hilton cebu and grand tierra suites' doors

we're on it again. hotel hopping is addicting. and just like any addiction, it's difficult to suppress. *nuuk* less than 10 days ago, we checked in at hotel casablanca. 6 days ago, hotel hopped in grand tierra suites. and just yesterday...hilton cebu. we have yet to peak! waddap?!

grand tierra suites from across the street

the grand tierra suites from the outside, especially at night, looks modern and hip. you would mistake it for a 3★ hotel. but which any ★ star hotel would welcome you with complimentary snacks? errr...none? by the way the treats were delectable. there were two for each. *thumbs up*

a surprise welcome on the single bed at the grand tierra suites

grand tierra suites' family suite, door 210, was at the far end of the second floor hallway. the room was neat, a welcome on the bed and most importantly, wifi! when the attendant noticed i was wowed, he took the chance to brag about manila actors checking in at their hotel.

the inconvenient part is, smoking is not allowed in the building. all four hoppers are smokers. so every hour or so, we go outside to do what we had to do. boo! it was unawesome... 

smoking in the drizzle

hilton cebu wasn't as impressive. considering it's a i-don't-know-how-many ★s hotel. nega (as in negative) ★s maybe? let me run them down here. 

nega ★ 1 - hilton cebu is a long drive from home. yeah...i know a cebu resident is not a target consumer, but i just want to say it's crazy far. my car died after the drive. so there. *nuuk*

nega ★ 2 - the building's pink. why?! i just don't get the logic. but ok, it's not up to me. 

nega ★ 3 - it took us 20 minutes before we could get  inside the hilton cebu room. the card key wasn't working! i had to go downstairs to ask for a replacement. what an inconvenience!

waiting to get in the hilton cebu hotel room

nega ★ 4 - their buffalo chicken wings wasn't really buffalo chicken wings. twas more like bland roasted chicken wings. and i think the sauce was spoiled. 

nega ★ 5 - i was told that hilton cebu room service was bad. this is more like a hearsay but valid enough to be counted as a nega ★. *nuuk*

braille checking out the room at the hilton cebu
of course, it's not all that bad. the room as expected was clean. ryan loved that there's a bathtub. the view from the 17th floor was magnificent. good memories and fun times as taking these photos.

playing with the camera

ok. now the truth. *winks* i didn't have internet connection at home. the last time i went to a coffee shop to work? connection wasn't reliable enough. best of all, ryan was generous enough to offer to pay. who can resist? i have to work. *winks*

work mode at the grand tierra suites
and the hilton cebu? who are we kidding? we can't afford to hotel hop at the hilton cebu. we almost can't afford to pay for food. *nuuk* the truth? we hotel crashed, just like that. *z-snaps* good thing, we know somebody who can.

*all photos were taken and are courtesy of ryan a.k.a leadcharacter


Lead Character: said...

daee, you talk like himym na ha. while i was reading through i thought i was reading barney's blog. hehehe. ;)

until our next hotel-hopping!

Cebu Rhythms said...

the place is just awesome! \m/
And the Light Graffiti thingy is kewl!

JAbbeRedONiON said...

@ryan: hahaha. i was watching himym in between writing the post. i guess that's why. lol.

@cebu rhythms: hey thanks for dropping by. wondering if i know you. you from cbs?

kenneth said...

nindota ninyo'g kinabuhi oi hehehe...

nice light drawing \m/

JAbbeRedONiON said...

@kenneth: wala ra lingaw ken. hahaha... thanks for dropping by. :-)