Sunday, September 12

hotel hopping: dynasty tourist inn & alba uno residencia

dynasty tourist inn and alba uno's doors

check-in, check-in, check-in! is a reverberating chant... and i can hear it even when asleep. true story! what started as a one time ngipirt now becomes a habit.  for this week, we hotel hopped at dynasty tourist inn and alba uno residencia. and we may have hotel hopped in one of the best midrange hotel yet. check-in, check-in, check-in!

tuesday. ryan decides he wants to work some place else - not at home. he and joy end up at the dynasty tourist inn after walking the streets of don gil garcia in capitol. woot! only a few blocks away from our house.

my first impression? we could've gotten a better looking hotel for the same amount (php 1200). dynasty tourist inn used to be one of the best midrange hotels back in the day but it has to keep up. major major renovation is what it needs. in ryan's words, dynasty tourist inn's room has a hospital feel to it. 

work mode at the dynasty tourist inn

the hotel hoppers in deep sleep at the dynasty tourist inn

what we like about dynasty tourist inn? it's got to be the wifi speed! take this... upto 1mb download! waddap?! and and and we can smoke inside the room! 

other dynasty tourist inn ★s: 
  • it's a few steps away from stk ta bai. never heard? i can relate before tuesday happened. guess what, i lived in capitol practically all my life and i didn't know about this home-come restaurant nearby. it's a must try for lovers of good and affordable food.
  • breakfast meal was delicious, although it didn't come free with the stay. the scrambled egg was done just the way i like it...dry and well done. the bacon...crispy, tasty and not too oily. ;-)

thursday. start of a long weekend in cebu. braille wants to spend it in a nice, cozy hotel. joy has to go home because she's leaving for leyte the following day. a few minutes of convincing, joy changed her mind. alba uno residencia is a walk away from skyrise 2. 

alba uno residencia front desk

i will definitely recommend alba uno residencia to cebu tourists. this has got to be the best hotel/inn (whatever you call it) we've hotel hopped by far. only a year since alba uno residencia opened, you can smell it. and the price? reasonably affordable! only php 1600 for a room that can accommodate 6. beat that!

the hotel hoppers enjoying their stay at the alba uno residencia

gigantic 'tagay'

hotel hoppers posing at alba uno residencia

let me tell you more reasons why we love it at alba uno residencia:

  • hallway is spacious and not at all eerie. you know how hallways are creepy sometimes? 
  • the room is cozy. we think it's the color of the walls and how every other thing in the room matches with it. braille even wants her room repainted just like alba uno residencia's room
  • balcony. where we can smoke and have a good view of the middle class neighbors' rooms, where a hot guy or chick (whichever works for you) could be sighted. *nuuk*
  • 4 available wifi networks to choose from. you'll definitely need the back up. 
  • food is surprisingly affordable. you could order ala carte for less than php100. *thumbs up*
  • there's a hand bidet! some known hotels don't even have it. that's important for people who prefer water over paper - like me!

ahhh... the hand bidet

joy is now in leyte. i will be flying to manila pretty soon. this will be the last hotel hopping ngipirt for some time. we'd like to tag it the last for season 1. watch out for season 2 as more hotel hoppers join us. check-in, check-in, check-in!

the hotel hoppers: braille, joy, ryan and me


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excited na ko sa season 2!!!! manganvass na ta daan!!! check in! check in! check in!

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