Thursday, December 2

amazing thailand: what and what not to do

from left to right: me, toni and the tuktuk driver

don't we just love to travel? go to new places, explore, experience and have fun? if you're going to thailand soon, you might find this list helpful to make the most out of your trip, or not! you can certainly do it your way. it's most fun when you break the norms. *thumbs up*

smokers heads up! better bring some 'baon'. marlboros are easily available but cost twice as much in php. never bring more than 1 pack/person if you don't want them confiscated or worst, be fined.

look out for the no smoking signs

offer some of your cigs to the locals. we did to our airport driver and he allowed us to smoke inside his cab, windows closed. apparently smoking in a moving vehicle is a no, no, no!   

take the tuktuk at least once for the experience. taxi is the best mode of transportation still. cheapest and most convenient. the train isn't even recommended.


tuktuk drivers will take you to as many shops as they can. be prepared to say no when they start diverting you  to other destinations. they are up for some commissions (gas slips). because we were not forwarned, we said yes to every destination our tuktuk driver suggested where we ended up buying jewelries, suits and what not.

toni measured up for her suit at james tailor.

gotta visit patpong for the pingpong show, beer and night market. errrr, mostly for the pingpong show. ;-) patpong --- bangkok's red light district. pingpong show --- a vajayjay talent show. see one that can open a bottle of beer, pop a balloon, whistle and throw pingpong balls at you! (too bad, we can't take photos inside)

in between pingpong show bars is this shopping alley

happy beer garden with ones, miga and toni (behind the camera)

tip: never have business with middlemen out in the streets for entry into the pingpong shows. go straight inside the bars and negotiate. we never followed this tip. so we ended up having a squabble with the bar manager who was out to rip us off of some good money.

another tip: always bring your passport around. you never know when you'll need it. our passports became very useful that night. it was our ticket to get out of patpong alive!

muddy river water

take the chao phraya express to see the temples, it's faster that way. for only 150 baht you can drop off at many attractive tourist spots (grand palace, wat arun, wat pho, & chinatown) and interesting corners of bangkok with ease.

the need to have a jump shot

hmm... where to go next?

watch shows that you can only see in thailand, siam niramit is like cirque de soleil.  the set was amazing *eyes wide open* they had a river on stage where actors can swim in. imagine fairies and other unearthly creatures roam, fly and glide across the stage. costumes and props were magnificent. i was just in awe. definitely a must watch!

last photo of the night

so much to see and things to do yet so little time. don't get so caught up with it, you might miss your flight back home. yeah, like us! *nuuk*

our smiles say it all. we love thailand. ;-)

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